Zoccai Jewelry

General Conditions

Returns and Exchanges

Zoccai ensures the highest professionalism and quality of its products, but might there be unlikely problems, you have the the right to return your purchase on this website, without giving explanations, within and not over 14 days from the date of delivery of your purchase as per the law.

Over the 14th day the right granted by the law expires, therefore if you want to return your product to Zoccai s.r.l. you should send an email to [email protected] or call our customer care service stating the reasons why you want to return your purchase.

Refunds and exchanges will be done exclusively after that Zoccai s.r.l accepts the reasons of the customer and confirms that the product is either faulty or has major defects coming from production for which the customer has no faults.
Improper use, usure and the loss of jewel are not acceptable reasons and won’t be considered for a refund or exchange.

In case of an accepted refund or exchange, the customer should ship the jewel to Zoccai s.r.l, Via Val Gardena, 3, Zanè (VI) 36016, Italy along with a copy of the order confirmation and the original packaging in good conditions to have the full refund of the purchase, if one of these requisites is missing the refund might be partial.

Zoccai reserves all the rights after the 14th day from delivery not to accept returns, refunds or exchanges.

Payment Methods

The purchases on can be paid through credit card, bank transfer or PayPal.

Each purchase occurs in the maximum guaranteed safety and security thanks to the latest e-commerce payment procedures and the most advanced encoding systems (SSL) to protect you and you credit card details from unauthorized accesses.
If the payment is done with credit card, the customer will be automatically redirected to a dedicated bank portal and your details will be forwarded automatically to:

Bank San Giorgio, Piazza Scarcerle 25, Thiene (VI), 36016, Italia,
or the Bank authorized by the seller, may the above mentioned Bank change.

The details of the payment method will be forwarded in a protected form through the encoding system SSL (SecureSocketLayer) at 128 bit.
Such details aren’t even accessible to the Seller.

Shipping Timings and Costs

Each order needs some production time in the circumstancy where the jewel is not available in stock, that being the case allow 5/7 days from the order confirmation for the parcel to be shipped as each jewel is hand made and tailored to the client.

We kindly ask you to be patient during this period and calculate the eventuality of it during festivities.

The shipment of each parcel is done with UPS insured courier and the price might differ based on your location. On average, for shipments to Italy allow 5 days to receive your order from shipment confirmation.
Shipments to countries in the European Union will be delivered within 5/7 days from shipment confirmation.

Might the delivery be delayed for unforeseenable events, you will receive your purchase withing 30 days from the order confirmation as per the law, after the 30th day you have the right to ask for a refund in case you don’t want your purchase anymore.